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Dre & Friends Community Blockfest 2K19

We're excited about our Dre & Friends Community Blockfest coming up on September 14th, 2019. I've made a slight change to the name this year, removing Bday Block Party because this festival is less about my birthday and more about the amazing kids that we get to work with, encourage, and teach as well as the community; our neighbors and friends who volunteer and support us in a number of ways. (In fact, it's not about my birthday at all).

Headlining this year is Grammy-nominated songwriter, producer, and vocal artist, Travis Malloy [@travismalloy] alongside Charelle Unique, Coco T, Philo & Friends, Simone Davis, Anamoly, Erynn Krebs of the The Dog Friendly Band, John Allen, and more. And we'll have our favorite sound tech and DJ, Steve Donnelly on site as well. Expect to see vendors from all over the city, face painters, food, and of course, to have a great time with the kids, staff and Friends of SCAI! We're looking forward to an amazing festival that wouldn't be complete without YOU! #DAF2K19 #SCAIkidsRock #scaipgh

WHEN: September 14th, 2019

TIME: Noon-8p

LOCATION: 1205 Boyle Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212


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