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SCAI offers cultural, arts and music education and experiences tailored to promote a high sense of self awareness and develop emotional intelligence. Our programs follow an educational curriculum that has healing regimens. Arts education is essential in reducing student dropout rates, raising student attendance, developing better team players, fostering a love for learning, improving student dignity, enhancing student creativity, and ​producing a better prepared citizen for the world. Sufficient data supports the belief that the study of participation in the arts is a key component in improving learning throughout all academic areas.

Steel City Arts Initiative (SCAI) provides quality art and music education within the classroom by partnering with local schools who no longer offer such programming due to lack of funding (or otherwise). Our qualified educators implement a curriculum that adheres to state and national education standards. SCAI is the Limit!

SCAI is always looking for qualified teachers/educators and interns to help lead the charge in providing excellent music and art education. 

Who is an educator?

  • Artists

  • Certified music and art teachers

  • Those pursuing teaching certification (student-teachers)

Rhyme & Release

The objective of Rhyme and Release is to create a safe space for participants to discover and become who they are. SCAI provides the tools needed to express themselves. This goal is achieved through the methodology we use to deliver our program. One of the major forms of expression are words. Integrated into our curriculum is a robust wordsmith praxis where students naturally build their vocabulary. Rhyme and Release is one of our signature programs offered at S.C.A.I. This program allows all participants to creatively express their emotions through produced music, writing, and exposure to cultural arts.


Research has proven the importance of creating music to young people. Our Rhyme and release program allows the participants to express their feelings, emotions and trauma through rhyme and release it into the world through produced music.  An understanding of the inner workings of a music studio is a necessary component of this music production. In order to meet this need, the SCAI has developed a community music and production studio to engage the time and nurture the talents of emerging artists and serve as a safe, creative place for children of the community. Our studio will teach the technical skills of how a music studio works: music production from start to finish and an understanding of the elements of a successful studio. More importantly, anyone will have the ability to create and release that creation to the world.  Rhyme and Release is a unique program that focuses on organization of thought, expression, creative writing and poetry that is later produced. Students are encouraged to embrace their creativity, the environment and life experiences and express them.

Music Education

The SCAI Music education program is at the core of our Saturday program. The participants age range is 8 to 15. Our music curriculum focuses on theory, rhythm and performance. Our program uses the most modern acoustic instruments invented in the 21st century, the steelpan. Our students gain the ability to work with others, thrive in a group and gain confidence. Music allows the students to discover and express who they are in a fun, safe environment.

The goal of the Music Education Program is to spread awareness universally to help construct participants' identities while building versatile qualities that help to convey their emotions. SCAI’s Music Education Program is a core experience for our programming. SCAI participants gain the ability to freely express themselves through learning music and education.

SCAI Kids Rock Band

The community band is an opportunity to highlight the creativity of the community. The objective of this program is to bring unity into the community through musical instruments and live performances. We take pride in teaching students with or without musical experience. SCAI will have a strong focus on steel pans, acoustic instruments that incorporate physical movement, and rhyming to enhance vocabulary to allow cultural expression. Performance projects will coincide with relevant happenings in the student’s lives and with the music program. Children will be taught to perform steel pans for the community, they will gain structure, discipline, and self empowerment through freedom of expression. 


The objective of CaptureX Photography is to help construct participants' identities, while building versatile qualities that help convey their emotions through film. Students will learn the importance of expressing emotions through photography and self awareness. One of the most stimulating advantages of this process is students will work hands-on with professional photographers and cameras.

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